Hello everyone! (Norsk nederst under bildene ;))

10 days of camp is over, and I am now in Texas. First off, I´m already loving it here in Texas. My host family is amazing and so is my host sister from Italy! I have already been at practice for color guard, it´s hard but I really like it so far. More updates on my life in Texas will come after I have lived here for more than two and a half days.

so, over to CAMP: IT WAS GREAT! Those ten days both felt like a lifetime and the shortest ten days of my life. I made so many good friends that I will for sure keep in touch with for the rest of my life, but suddenly it was time to leave.
The days consisted of classes, after school activities like football, yoga and zumba, and lots of other cool stuff. One day we went to New York City, another we went to Dorney Park (an amusement park with rollercoasters and waterslides and everything you can imagine between), one night we went to a baseball game, and the rest of the nights had fun evening programs. All the people were great, so open and positive and willing to make friends. I cannot say it enough; I loved it. I miss all the people from camp already, and I wish i could go back (even though I love it here in Texas). I have made a video from it, and i will put it down here, along with some of my favorite pictures from camp.

To all new students who are thinking about going to camp; do it! It really is worth it. I signed up for it last minute, and I couldn't be happier with that decision.


Jasper the amazing ambassador

Top of the Rock

Parade of nations, first day


Top of the rock

Another amazing ambassador, Magnus

Our prom date

Somewhere behind us, there is a statue of liberty

Basball game

Italy and Spain representing Norway

Helium balloons

Let´s GO

Hello everyone! (norsk lenger ned)

This marks the day as my adventure begins. I am leaving for 10 days of EF camp, and then a year in Texas! I have been having good contact with my host family, they seem like amazing people, and I can´t wait to see them and my host-sis Emma from Italy.

Today, on July 20th, the first group of Norwegian students leave in the morning for London, and then New York. I just cannot wait for camp. I have heard its going to be great, and I do not doubt it! I will definitely write a post only about the camp and how it was.

Last day with bffs Frida and Alma
My family and I drove down to Oslo two days ago, and have stayed here at a hotel, enjoying some nice cafe visits and dinner at my favorite restaurant hard rock café. We have had such a good time. All of my friends and i have had our goodbyes, including a surprise goodbye-party, sushi-goodbyes, café-goodbyes and packing-help-goodbyes. I am really lucky to have such great friends as I do, for real.

Packing was kinda hard, but I have brought some clothing for every type of weather, but I have mostly  focused on clothes for camp.  I am a master of procrastinating, so I started the day before we left, but I am happy with what I brought (kinda). Main famous: I can probably buy whatever I forgot to bring over there. And as a bonus; I got it under the limit, so I do not have to pay for a overweight fee. wohoo :)))

So, a big thanks to all my friends, for the fun times, gifts, letters and best wishes, I love you all so much. I am going to miss you so so much.

I don't have much pictures, but they will come later in a update post. Feel free to keep updated on my instagram ylvajenshus

Exchange process update

Finally I know the family I will stay with! I know the town I will stay in and what school I will be attending. I also know that I will be sharing my year with a host-sister and I could not be more excited right now!
My host-family is fantastic, I have already talked quite a lot with them.
The family consists of a mom and dad and two kids at age 9 and 12 :) My school will be Barbers Hill High School.
My exchange-host-sister's name is Emma, and she comes from Italy. We will be having rooms next to each other with a connecting bathroom we will get to share. We are both super excited and we have become good friends already!
Crazy to think that this will all become my reality in just over 100 days!

Yesterday I worked on my J1 VISA, which allows me to stay in America as an foreign exchange student for a year. Later in May I will have to go to the Norwegian U.S Embassy in Oslo to do an interview to get it approved. In Norway, EF combines this visit with the "departure-meeting", to have the students meet and get some info before we leave the country.
Otherwise I am just waiting for the second of the three brochures "Let's get started", "Let's get ready" and "Let's go" to arrive. I am also really excited to get the "Class of '17"-merch, I feel like it is getting more and more real for every little detail that falls into place now.

EF has so far really overceeded my expectations, and been a great organization to do my exchange with! If you are interested in doing an exchange with them yourself, why not order a free brochure here  to check out your many options?

Then i will be writing all this in norwegian too:

Da kom tiden for å skrive litt på norsk også! Heihei til alle nordmenn, og farmor :)

Nå har jeg fått informasjon om vertsfamilien min, og jeg skal bo i den lille byen Mont Belvieu i Texas. Den ligger omtrent 30 min fra Houston! Jeg skal gå på Barbers Hill High School. Familien består av mor og far og to barn på 9 og 12.
Det kommer også til å bo enda ei jente på utveksling der, hun heter Emma og kommer fra Italia. Vi har alle snakket mye ilag, vi kommer veldig godt over ens!
Dere kommer til å få se bilder og få høre mye mer om de senere :)

I går sendte jeg inn søknad til den amerkanske ambassade i Norge, slik at jeg kan få meg et J1-visum, om tillater meg å studere i USA i ett år som utvekslingsstudent. Så skal jeg på ambassaden i Oslo i mai på intervju, slik at det kan bli godkjent. EF i Norge kombinerer det at vi studentene å helt til Oslo med Avreisemøtet, hvor vi blir kjent med hverandre og får nyttig info om året vårt.
Nå gleder jeg meg på å få den andre av de tre heftene EF bruker, som er kalt "Let's get started", "Let's get ready" og "Let's go". Gleder meg også kjempemasse til å få alt utstyret det står"Class of '17" på!
Føler at alt blir mer virkelig jo flere og flere småting som faller på plass!

EF har virkelig vært en imponerende organisasjon som har overgått mine forventninger. Så, hvis du synes et utvekslingsår høres spennende ut, hvorfor ikke bestille deg en gratis brosjyre her, slik at du får sjekket ut alle de forskjellige mulighetene du har?

Da snakkes vi på norsk senere, i et annet innlegg :)

Me and my life in Norway (Pictures from my phone)

This is a post where I want to show people who doesn´t know me, but wants to read my blog, who I am and what I like to do (in pictures).

I think showing pictures right from my phone kinda captures my life (briefly) in a way a regular blog post wouldn´t (without getting too poetical and deep about it).

I also want to have this post as something i can look back at when I have been in America for a while. Just to kinda see what things in my life have changed, and which things that have kinda stayed the same (in a way).

These are all pictures that i have taken with my phone the past year, of my life here in Norway.
This is my life, comprimised:
I "graduated" middle school, june 2015
I went to the 4H Nordic camp, July 2015, with over 1000 people from all over the world!
4H- one big family
I went backpacking for 3 weeks in Japan with my older brother and his girlfriend, we had the best time!
Clara and I went to Scotland this year, March 2016

Selling strawberries all summer long :)
Zip lining with my best friend Julie!
I got my drivers license for scooter , so I can cruise around in my city
Had yet another amazing year with my fantastic ballet group 

Had a very merry christmas, and got so many good memories
I started Norwegian High School, attending the "scientist-line" with extra science-related education.
Here is an example of an experiment we did, who knew a coin could hold 120 water drops?
We were VERY fascinated.

Thanks to the line we have chosen, we have gotten so many cool opportunities, like this time when we visited a nano-lab.
We built styrofoamboats and got to compete with others from all over Norway


I started working at an crafting-/interior-/nick-nack-store with the best co-workers ever!
My friends and I went on an amazing cabin-trip, and we had the best time!
                                              I have gone alpine skiing quite a few several times the past few years 

I have started taking a lot of pictures so I can show people I will meet on exchange what it looks like where I live (purposely taking pictures when the sun is shining though)

And I have had a generally really good time (and I have taken a few pictures of my cat as well :))
That was it! Hope it was somewhat interesting, and something fun to look back at after being a while in America :)


Hey! My name is Ylva Jenshus, and I am going on an exchange year in America. EF class of 2017!

Age: 16
Home: Steinkjer, Norway
Family: One older brother, and my mom and dad
Destination: Texas, America

This exchange year is what i have been dreaming about for the last probably eight years, so this is really a dream come true for me. I love traveling, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and experiencing new things. So I am going to America with a dream and a goal to learn and experience something totally different.

My goal is to write once a month updating the blog with photos and thoughts from the past month. I will be writing in both norwegian and english, so that my family and friends back home can keep up, and so that people I might meet in America can read as well. I made this blog to keep the memories for me, update people that are in my life, and to maybe reach out to students going on an exchange later than me (because i love reading exchange blogs myself).

- Ylva